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Experienced and Passionate

A Pass Marketing, LLC, joined the A Pass family of companies in 2019. A Pass Marketing recognizes that great marketing content serves many different purposes. However, many organizations lack the necessary resources to develop this content. Therefore, A Pass leverages our network of hundreds of writers and editors to develop this content for you. Given the diversity of our network, we are able to work with businesses across the spectrum from accountants to zoos.    

Andrew Pass


Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Andy says the wisest thing he has done as CEO is to hire people smarter than he is to work closest to him. He loves to go on cruises with his partner Debbie.

Sarah Bierman


Chief Operating Officer

Sarah has a love affair with vegetables and is inspired to get others to love them too. She is our resident yogini and keeps all of us om-ing along.

Pauline Valvo


VP of Business Development

Pauline finds sales and marketing fun and exciting and is always willing to brainstorm about new ideas. She enjoys being in nature, hanging with her kids, and making music.

Sara Gra


VP of Finance & Administration

Sara makes sure our finances are in order. When she isn’t working in spreadsheets, accounting software, and managing cash she is spending time with her three children and husband.

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