8 Features of a High-Quality Blog

Follow These 8 Steps to Produce a High-Quality Blog Every Time

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A high-quality blog post is so much more than the content. How the information is gathered and presented is just as important as what is said. Even the best idea needs to be crafted in a way that prompts readers to keep reading. While this may seem like an overwhelming task, it can be easily accomplished and repeated. Follow these eight steps to produce a high-quality
blog every time.

8 Steps to Produce a High-Quality Blog

1. Have a catchy title

The title of any piece draws a reader in. A good title will not only be descriptive but also encourage readers to keep reading. Remember to craft a title that relates topically to the blog, but sparks a high level of interest.

2. Keep your content readable and succinct

More often than not, blog readers are looking to quickly scan material. This doesn’t mean the message or information needs to be sacrificed, however. Format blogs to create content that is still informative and entertaining while being easily digestible.

Use these tips to keep any blog compact:

  • Divide with headings and subheadings
  • Include lists and bullet points
  • Use shorter paragraphs and white space
  • Highlight keywords and phrases

3. Keep it visual

High-quality blogs utilize videos, photos, and other graphics throughout to supplement the written content. Remember to add in visuals when possible and applicable. These visuals keep readers interested and can help explain more
complex topics or concepts.

4. Add links

The content of a blog may leave readers with more questions. Readers could even benefit from some background information or more context. Internal and external links can fill in these gaps. High-quality blogs use links to drive community interaction. Take a look at these successful, established blogs for inspiration.

5. Make it easy to share

Blogs thrive when posts and content are shared. A high-quality blog makes sharing easy by making the social aspect more accessible. Be sure to provide sharing links for all major social media platforms on each post.

6. Have a strong conclusion

Every great literary masterpiece needs a strong conclusion. A blog post is no different. Make sure the main points are revisited at the end of each post and readers have a good sense of the takeaway message.

7. Leave them with a Call to Action (CTA)

A major component of a blog is the CTA. What should readers do after reading the information: read another post, join a community or group, download a free tool? A high-quality post will drive readers to take action, get involved, or join a movement.

8. Make it SEO friendly

Today’s online world is ruled by algorithms and search engine optimizers. It’s important to optimize blog content so that more readers find the right content. High-quality blogs use keywords frequently, are shorter in length, and have precise meta descriptions.

Focusing on these components will capture a wider reader base. This may seem daunting, but practice makes perfect. So, revisit your latest blog post and institute these simple changes. Soon you’ll see the traffic and interactions that go hand in hand with high-quality blog content.

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